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Noxious Weed Classifications

The Washington State Noxious Weed Board classifies noxious weeds into the following three categories: 

Class A: Eradication will be enforced

Class A weeds are limited in number and distribution in Washington.  Our goal is to completely eradicate them and prevent them from becoming established.  Landowners in every county are required to eradicate Class A weeds.

Eradication is defined as eliminating the entire plant including the roots.

Class B: Consist of non-native species presently limited to portions of Washington. Some species may be designated for control in regions where they are not yet widespread. Preventing new infestations in these areas takes priority. Control in regions where a Class B species is already abundant may be  decided at the local level, or by the Washington State Noxious Weed Board. The primary goal for these weeds is containment.

Control is defined as preventing seed spread.

Class C:  Control is recommended 

Class C weeds are usually widespread and abundant.  Our policy is to educate and encourage landowners to control these noxious weeds, but they are not designated for enforcemement to prevent undue burden on landowners and protect the resources within the county. This helps us all to effectively continue working on the noxious weeds where control and/or eradication may still be achieved.