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Noxious Weed Laws

The goal of Washington State's Noxious Weed law RCW Chapter 17.10 is to prevent the spread of new invasive species.  It requires that public and private landowners, including city, county, and state land agencies, control and prevent the spread of these designated noxious weeds.  It also authorizes each county to establish a county weed program for the purpose of educating landowners regarding noxious weed  identification, impact, control methods, and ensuring that noxious weed laws are respected.

WAC Chapter 16-750 - includes the state Noxious Weed List, definitions and descriptions of region boundaries for Class B weeds, and the schedule of monetary penalties.

WAC Chapter 16-752 - contains the quarantine list maintained by the state Department of Agriculture. (The state law that calls for the creation and maintenance of the quarantine list is RCW 17.24.)

For the links to RCW 17.10 and WAC Chapter 16-750 go to: Washington State Noxious Weed Board - Click here.


Why Is There A Law To Control Noxious Weeds?

Because noxious weeds affect everyone!  Weeds don't obey property boundaries. Noxious weeds are found everywhere in Pierce County; in rural, urban and sububan areas; on developed and undeveloped land; on farmland, forests and other natural open spaces; in lakes, rivers, streams and bays. 

It takes a coordinated effort to prevent new noxious weeds from getting established. The noxious weed law gives us a tool to quickly and effectively stop the spread of the new and most damaging weeds and to control and eradicate the noxious weeds that are already here.