Ivy, Alantic

Atlantic Ivy

Hedera Hibernica

Family Name: Araliaceae
Class: C
Other Names: English ivy
 Why is it a noxious weed? Native to North Africa. Outcompetes native plants, reducing native habitat. Inhibits both understory plants and overstory trees, by shading and nutrient competition. Added weight of Ivy on trees contributes to storm damage. The sap of the stems can cause skin irritations to sensitive individuals. Can be toxic to people and cattle.

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Visit Washington State Noxious Weed Control Board Here. Evergreen, perennial vine, can also grow shrub like. vines may reach 99 feet long. Can anchor itself to vertical surfaces through adventitious roots. Leaves may be dark to light green with or without white veins. Leaves are alternate, waxy and egg to diamond shaped in adult stage, hairy and deeply lobed when young. young stems are hairy, adult stems are smooth. Can grow adventitious roots in the ground, or on other sufaces.