Links and Resources

  • Pierce County Surface Water Management - website on Natural Yard Care: Water that runs off your yard can carry pesticides, weed killers, and chemical fertilizers into storm drains which pollutes our waterways, making them unsafe for people and wildlife. Follow these tips for a great looking landscape that is easier to care for and healthier for families, pets, wildlife and our local waterways. 


  • WSU Integrated Pest Management - website provides a wide variety of research-based information for growers, gardeners, landscape professionals, and homeowners on managing plant problems through Integrated Pest Management strategies.



  • Washington Toxics Coalition - alternatives to yard chemicals and fact sheets. Washington Toxics Coalition works tirelessly to keep toxic chemicals out of homes, schools, and workplaces. We promote alternatives, advocate policies, empower communities and educate people to create a healthy environment.


  • Grow Smart, Grow Safe - website with hundreds of pest controls and fertilizers reviewed for health and environmental hazards. Their mission is to protect and enhance public health and environmental quality in King County by reducing the threat posed by the production, use, storage and disposal of hazardous materials.


  • Pierce Conservation District  -  The Pierce Conservation District is a subdivision of state government created to promote the conservation of renewable natural resources in Pierce County. Pierce Conservation District programs are available to all without discrimination.


  • Washington Native Plant Society - The Washington Native Plant Society is a forum for individuals who share a common interest in Washington’s unique and diverse plant life. For more than 30 years WNPS has been a great source for native plant information and action. Your active membership strengthens the Society’s role as the voice for our native plants.


  • Biological Weed Control - Jennifer Andreas, the Integrated Weed Control Project Director at WSU extension office in Puyallup. Provides education and implementation of biological control of weeds and integrated weed management strategies to Washington land managers.



Non-profit organizations: